Michigan Native. Adventurer. Love. Create.

Hi. I'm Wendy.

To start talking about myself isn't the easiest for me, but I love storytelling and my heart loves endlessly.

No two stories are alike, and we all have something to learn from each other. I've learned a lot about myself over the past few years, so I suppose I could start there.  

Here's a small collection of facts about me:

 I love Michigan and our Great Lakes, but I am always ready for an adventure and I will travel everywhere.

 My second love is tied with the mountains and pine trees. You'll see a lot of them in my work because I am drawn to them.

 I am a mother to an incredible little lady.

I would rather invest in my energy into people than material things.


I'd love to know more about you... when you're ready, head over to the contact page and say Hello!