Laurie + Chad

Real love.

Laurie and Chad, these two are some incredible human beings. I have come to know them over the past few months leading to their wedding a couple weeks ago. What first intrigued me about them as people was the beginning of their love story and also that Laurie is a Harry Potter super fan like myself. Go ahead judge us, haha.

I have to give a little back story about Chad and why I feel like he and Laurie fit so well. Chad was involved in a bad motorcycle accident in 2010 when three deer stepped out in front of him while going 60mph. Losing control, he went down into a ditch and hit a tree. With months in the hospital and in a wheelchair for over a year with ripped nerves from his arm and spine. Chad wasn't suppose to walk again, his whole left side is paralyzed. Mind you, Chad and Laurie met in 2012 while out with friends. When I was in my consultation with them, after Laurie informed me that they weren't super romantic people, I couldn't help but notice how much they adored each other. I didn't notice at all that Chad didn't have use of his left arm, not that it is something that defines him, but a key point in the love that Laurie has for him. They are both hilarious people and are always a little sweet sarcastic with each other, I'll never forget Laurie saying " Who else is going to cut his steak for him and tie his shoes?" My heart melted and we all laughed.