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Amber + David

These two.

Amber + David have been childhood friends, and this relationship was something all of their friends and family were waiting to happen. It just needed to be the right time, and it finally came. They say " The love of your life comes after the mistake of your life." Not sure if that is entirely accurate, but it seems to run close to the story of Amber and David. 

The unreal amount of love and excitement was hardly to be contained. Amber and her family told me they are cryers. I was like, yeah, I cry a lot too at my weddings.. but this was different. WOW. I had to fight back a waterfall for most of the day. The love in Amber's heart is immeasurable. The way she loves and cares for everyone around her, and especially David. These two are totally in love, surrounded by their best friends and everyone who was a part of their day could feel it.  

It rained... like it does for any Michigan weddings, but just for a bit. We brought out the umbrella's for the first look. Dad was first to see, and this made my heart just melt. Then it was time for David. Watching the magic between these two was captivating. They couldn't wait to show each other the little details they were wearing. Amber's love for rose gold was sprinkled through out the day, but especially into her beautiful dress and sweet Tom's. Amber was going for total comfort, as she was recovering from a fractured foot. David's tie clip, stating Best Day Ever, and his tailored suit. The two of them couldn't stop looking at each other. 

We headed out onto the golf course shortly after the first look, Amber and David wanted to recreate an image that David's parents had taken on their wedding day. What a sentimental day with so many tears of joy. We headed down town to The Bean Dock in Port Huron, Mi where the ceremony and reception was taking place. Rose gold filled the reception area, and was stylishly decorated by Amber's mother Debbie. Since then, Debbie has started her own event planning service called The Total Package. She is an absolute dream to work with, much like her daughter, such wonderful women. 

Michigan weather is so unpredictable, and especially when we live on Lake huron, but the day was nothing short of beautiful after the little bit of rain earlier. Amber and David had not a care in the world. We ran away for the last of the sunset as that was something Amber and David shared all the time, but this was their first sunset as a married couple. They were truly in their own euphoria.