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Janelle + Matt

Janelle and Matt met on the sidewalk in NY.. already sounds like a fairytale, doesn't it? Janelle noticed Matt wearing Michigan State and chanted Go Green to him and he responded with Go White! This was how it all began. They had their first date at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC ( it's one of the little buildings on the cake top!) and they got engaged at the Philadelphia Art Museum. It only made sense that Janelle's sister Racheal wanted to incorporate art into some decorations for them. Hand painted little canvases on art easels, they were the cutest. The War Memorial in Grosse Pointe was a classic choice for the day. From the first look in the fern room, Janelle’s two piece wedding dress and that veil naturally blowing from the wind, to their first dance. These two were magical  ❤


Growth and Balance

I could start out this post as a giant feel of gratitude, which will ALWAYS be how I feel, but this year was about growth and balance. I am utterly obsessed with my career and sometimes don’t know how to separate myself to enjoy my own personal adventures. I care a lot, always putting my clients and friends first. I am always eager to learn new skills and always wanting to be better within every aspect. 2018 was my year, to put myself in the top priority list. This sounds like an easy task, but it wasn’t. 

Looking through the adventures that 2018 has brought, I have never felt so humbled and so happy. I’ve shared so many life events with you all. The excitement and racing heart of a new engagement, tears of happiness and smiles of a blissful wedding day. The new feels of expanding your family with the stages of maternity, the new love that your heart has felt for the first time with your newborn. The playfulness and bond of family time. Standing proud of your achievements as a senior and what the next chapter has to offer.  The opening of your mind with creativeness, so we can pull out what makes you, you, with portraits.

You all chose me to share this with, and that is something that makes my heart overflow.


You leave me speechless and with a heart so full. And just when I think to myself “How can I even feel more than I do now.. ?”

My heart expands and keeps filling.

So..what do I mean by balance? I could just schedule a day off for myself and call it good, right?

My kind of balance is taking in the small moments life offers me daily. Like, taking an hour and walking along the shoreline of Lake Huron, feeling the sand beneath my feet and listening to the water rush to meet me. Laying in the cool grass with the sun upon my face, or taking a bike ride through the wooded trail by my home. Actually dancing in the rain of a warm summer day or sitting around a bonfire with your best friends while playing music.. having your morning coffee outside and listening to the birds sing..

These are the small things I would brush off because I had my own deadlines to meet or there was always work to be done..

I learned that I needed to make sure that I was keeping a balance, for my own personal growth along with growth within my business. I have been working hard, pretty much nonstop at building over the last 5 years, that I almost forgot how to separate myself and take in the moment. This is still a work in progress everyday but, it had lead to the most incredible year.

2019 is already starting to top it with the adventures lined up and I am ready to chase the light!

On an end note, I want to say a huge thank you to my partnerships with the most influential people in my industry who have my best interest always, MeghanMelia Photography, Justine Castle Photography and Jennifer A. Berggren Productions.

And also a huge shout out to Eighth Day Media and the Port Huron Prowlers for the continued growth in friendship and business.

CHEERS TO 2019!!

Bailey + Anton

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Are they talking little sprinkles of rain drops or torrential down pour? Well, Bailey and Anton’s wedding fell somewhere in-between. On the good luck side, in some cultures rain represents many different things. Fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal and tears are a few gathered via wedding superstition. 

I checked the forecast the whole morning as did Bailey. I told her we were going to need a bunch of umbrellas. Since the wedding was being held in Holly,Mi at the Grand Bell , there wasn’t much range for a store to carry what we needed. So, high five to my local Target for not judging me when I came to the cashier with 7 umbrellas.. I basically wiped them out. 

You'd never know by the smiles on their faces that it literally rained all day. Tents were put up over their ceremony site, the grass was starting to flood and guests were arriving right on time. Nothing was stopping this unity. October rain, vintage decor and perfect couples, I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to spend this wildly rainy day with.

Alyssa + Jack

It's October in Michigan, and an early morning wedding was about to be held on the front lawn of the Port Sanilac Museum. Freshly made donuts, decorated by a friend and cider await the guests for this brunch style ceremony. Vintage 1950's style and peacock colors were the theme for Alyssa and Jack, but what is incredibly awesome about these two? They dress this way on a daily basis. The victory rolls and bow ties, a real 1950's wedding dress paired with a paper flower with music notes bouquet, assembled by Alyssa herself. These two melt me. First off, not only are they such beautiful people but they are quite the power couple. That's right, they play jazz together in their band Fifth Avenue. I became friends with Alyssa and Jack about 5 years ago, solidly. I saw them perform at a local summer festival here in our little town of Port Huron, Michigan. I was blown away at the angelic and powerful jazzy sound Alyssa belt out while Jack played his stand up bass. I came to find out that Alyssa was a pinup model and we ended up shooting together for the first time that winter. 

Since then I had anticipated this day. Not only are they a great couple together, but they are so supportive of each other creatively. They played with their band Fifth Avenue at the reception at Old Town Hall Winery, Lexington Michigan, cut a homemade cake made my Alyssa's sister and after the first dance we headed over to the Captains Quarters, a little air bnb for a quick portrait session. 

These two are classically in love.


Where to begin..


First with so much gratitude, to the people who have believed in me and continue to push me forward <3

This has been the most successful, most challenging, adventurous, wildly out of control with love kinda year.


Why most successful and most challenging?

 Hands down this is been the busiest year I have had.. like as busy as in my first two years of business combined. I learned a ton of new things, business wise and have had a ton of growth since last year. On the flip side of success comes challenges. Just like with everything else, it is balance. I worked myself to the point of no social life haha and a very isolated work space at home ( does sound amazing, right?) Well, it is and isn’t. I am not use to sitting down for half of my job, and literally not verbally talking to anyone for half my days ( besides singing songs to my kitty, go ahead judge me…) so for 2018, you’ll be catching me moving around more and being active, cycling, yoga, and beach volleyball are at the top of my list. So let’s play!



I was able to travel to two different mountain ranges in 2017, so incredibly fortunate for being able to travel with one of my best ladies MeghanMelia Photography out to Boulder, Colorado and yes we drove.. I hope you saw our infamous “ Fields and Fields and Fields” video). I was also so grateful  to take one of my adventurous 2018 couples to Asheville, North Carolina. Talk about filling my heart! The mountain air is like no other, the view and to be able to photograph in it was a dream. I want more. If you’re one of those adventurous couples, let’s go! 

Besides going out of state to my favorite places besides our gorgeous Great Lakes here in Michigan, I was able to travel around our Mitten State and into Chicago. I am ALWAYS ready for new places and new faces, so reach out and let’s hang!


Wildly out of control with love.

Do I really need to explain that? I mean, c’mon. I have the most beautiful couples and the outpour of love radiating from them had been so exciting. Actually, I can’t even just say couples, all of my clients are so full of love, whether it is preparing for their wedding, adding a new member to their family, new business adventure or putting forth their creative flow.. it all shines in their images. 


This is THE YEAR 2017!

Kelci + Craig

The mountains were calling.. and we answered.

 The sun was nowhere to be seen for another 6 hours as we piled our suitcases into the jeep and headed out from Detroit, Mi. Our destination, one of my most favorite cities, Asheville, North Carolina. Kelci + Craig and I were ready for an adventure. Minus The Bear was captivating our ears as we cruised Interstate 94, thanks to Craig for taking the first shift in our 10 hour drive to the mountains. Kelci and I nodded out for a bit but woke to the sun as it started to peek it's golden warmth to us as we hit Kentucky. We grabbed coffee at the nearest stop, there was no going back to sleep.. we were excited.

With a few hours left and the famous split appeared.. two great cities, East was Asheville, and West was Nashville but we chose left, the right choice. Greenery was starting to become more and more alive as we drove. It had been a very long and brown winter in Michigan, so to see the blossoms were what we needed. Mountains started to show their beautiful selves, you would have thought it was 4th of July with all of our oooh's and ahhhhh's as we just stared. Finally, into the Carolina's we were in contact with some dear friends who reside in Nashville, they were awaiting our arrival with Corona's in hand and huge hugs. What a way to be greeted after our long haul. We arrived in Asheville with hours still in our day, the girls split and went to the famous Biltmore Estate as the guys met more friends at a brewery. Biltmore Estate is a large (10.86 square miles) private estate and tourist attraction near Asheville, North Carolina. Biltmore House, the main residence, is a Châteauesque-style mansion built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895 and is the largest privately owned house in the United States. We were intrigued. After our 2 hour tour and a quick bite to eat, we headed out to meet the rest of the group at Twin Leaf Brewery. There are around 40 breweries in Asheville, all within walking distance (We hit about 9 of them in two days!) so we hopped around a lot, but first we were in search of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Time Ale at Catawba.  Our long day ended with good company and some good beer.

Morning came fast, as it always does and we were ready to explore some majestic mountain views. Our little AirBNB carriage house was adorable and just a couple miles from down town. First, breakfast was needed with the ladies of the group at Tupelo Honey while the guys headed to Sierra Nevada for a brewery tour. Tons of laughs and reminiscing over coffee was perfect fuel for the day.  Mid afternoon arrived and we were adding the last touches to our soon to be hike. What we were in for, was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Kelci + Craig and I hopped into the Jeep and carved up the Blue Ridge Parkway. With the elevation climbing, ears popping and stomaches dropping.. our excitement grew.

The drive to our destination on the parkway was fascinating, though we drove most of the way up we still had a bit of a hike to reach the Craggy Garden Pinnacle Trail. With a 360 mountain view..I would try to describe it but you'll see soon enough. We carefully climbed all over and just couldn't get enough. Those two though.. I can't even. I am so in love with love.. and to share adventures with incredible people is something that is hard to describe.  The smiles and sun on our faces along with the wind wildly blowing through our hair made our hearts race. I had asked Kelci (before Craig proposed) if they'd want to go shoot in the mountains with me. That was an obvious yes. A few months prior to the actual trip, Craig asked Kelci to marry him one morning, in total surprise! So now! This trip HAD to happen.. and for a real engagement session/adventure!  The biggest and most anticipated part of our trip was captured and we were in the clouds. We couldn't stop talking about the view and how perfect of a day it was. It was like someone had hit a refresh button and we were just full of life. 

As we got back into the Jeep, hunger hit us like a ton of bricks. In communication with the rest of the group, we headed to Burial Beer Co. Which we would again visit on Sunday, and you'll see.. one of the most epic murals of all time from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite movies was painted on the side of the building. We grabbed dinner and headed to One World Brewery to play darts and dance the rest of the night away.

Sunday morning was here, which was also Easter. We headed to Biscuit Head for brunch with the crew and said our goodbye's for the weekend.  Kelci + Craig and I headed out to explore down town Asheville some more. We ended up visiting the breweries more than once haha.. it was just too easy to hop from one place to another! After a bit, I put the camera down and just lived in the moment with my two friends. I was officially a professional 3rd wheel and it was the best.  Oh Asheville, you've got a piece of my heart and so many great memories reside in you now.. until next time !!!