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Bailey + Anton

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Are they talking little sprinkles of rain drops or torrential down pour? Well, Bailey and Anton’s wedding fell somewhere in-between. On the good luck side, in some cultures rain represents many different things. Fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal and tears are a few gathered via wedding superstition. 

I checked the forecast the whole morning as did Bailey. I told her we were going to need a bunch of umbrellas. Since the wedding was being held in Holly,Mi at the Grand Bell , there wasn’t much range for a store to carry what we needed. So, high five to my local Target for not judging me when I came to the cashier with 7 umbrellas.. I basically wiped them out. 

You'd never know by the smiles on their faces that it literally rained all day. Tents were put up over their ceremony site, the grass was starting to flood and guests were arriving right on time. Nothing was stopping this unity. October rain, vintage decor and perfect couples, I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to spend this wildly rainy day with.


Where to begin..


First with so much gratitude, to the people who have believed in me and continue to push me forward <3

This has been the most successful, most challenging, adventurous, wildly out of control with love kinda year.


Why most successful and most challenging?

 Hands down this is been the busiest year I have had.. like as busy as in my first two years of business combined. I learned a ton of new things, business wise and have had a ton of growth since last year. On the flip side of success comes challenges. Just like with everything else, it is balance. I worked myself to the point of no social life haha and a very isolated work space at home ( does sound amazing, right?) Well, it is and isn’t. I am not use to sitting down for half of my job, and literally not verbally talking to anyone for half my days ( besides singing songs to my kitty, go ahead judge me…) so for 2018, you’ll be catching me moving around more and being active, cycling, yoga, and beach volleyball are at the top of my list. So let’s play!



I was able to travel to two different mountain ranges in 2017, so incredibly fortunate for being able to travel with one of my best ladies MeghanMelia Photography out to Boulder, Colorado and yes we drove.. I hope you saw our infamous “ Fields and Fields and Fields” video). I was also so grateful  to take one of my adventurous 2018 couples to Asheville, North Carolina. Talk about filling my heart! The mountain air is like no other, the view and to be able to photograph in it was a dream. I want more. If you’re one of those adventurous couples, let’s go! 

Besides going out of state to my favorite places besides our gorgeous Great Lakes here in Michigan, I was able to travel around our Mitten State and into Chicago. I am ALWAYS ready for new places and new faces, so reach out and let’s hang!


Wildly out of control with love.

Do I really need to explain that? I mean, c’mon. I have the most beautiful couples and the outpour of love radiating from them had been so exciting. Actually, I can’t even just say couples, all of my clients are so full of love, whether it is preparing for their wedding, adding a new member to their family, new business adventure or putting forth their creative flow.. it all shines in their images. 


This is THE YEAR 2017!

Laurie + Chad

Real love.

Laurie and Chad, these two are some incredible human beings. I have come to know them over the past few months leading to their wedding a couple weeks ago. What first intrigued me about them as people was the beginning of their love story and also that Laurie is a Harry Potter super fan like myself. Go ahead judge us, haha.

I have to give a little back story about Chad and why I feel like he and Laurie fit so well. Chad was involved in a bad motorcycle accident in 2010 when three deer stepped out in front of him while going 60mph. Losing control, he went down into a ditch and hit a tree. With months in the hospital and in a wheelchair for over a year with ripped nerves from his arm and spine. Chad wasn't suppose to walk again, his whole left side is paralyzed. Mind you, Chad and Laurie met in 2012 while out with friends. When I was in my consultation with them, after Laurie informed me that they weren't super romantic people, I couldn't help but notice how much they adored each other. I didn't notice at all that Chad didn't have use of his left arm, not that it is something that defines him, but a key point in the love that Laurie has for him. They are both hilarious people and are always a little sweet sarcastic with each other, I'll never forget Laurie saying " Who else is going to cut his steak for him and tie his shoes?" My heart melted and we all laughed.