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Christine + Simon

"Loving you is easy"

These words are still echoing in my ears from Christine + Simon , they are two of the most beautiful souls. The heritage brought from Simon's family was so special. Simon wore a bolo tie from Gallup, New Mexico from his father's friend who is part of the Pokagon, Potowatomi tribe and both wore Turquoise bracelets that were a gift from a family member. 
I'll never forget this ceremony.. while Christine started to walk down the aisle with her father, the loudest crack of thunder echoed through the sky. It was wild. I wish I had the audio to the images, because it was just magical. The wedding vase used in their ceremony belonged to his Aunt Debbie Cayedito who is no longer with us. This is the best description of what it is: “One spout of the vessel represents the husband; the other, the wife. The looped handle represents the unity achieved with marriage. The space created within the loop represents the couples’ own circle of life.” There was actually tea in the vase that they both individually drank and then drank together. We did get hit with the down pour as soon as the ceremony ended, but only for about 15 minutes. Thank God for amazing friends, as one of my good girlfriends was a guest at the wedding and grabbed my umbrellas for me just as the ceremony started. 
Both of the families were incredible, artistic and unique. So many beautiful things were constantly happening. So many smiles, laughs and watching Arnold, their pup, run around so happy, songs were sang by Simon's family and Simon himself sang to his bride. And as the evening came to a close, we chased the sunset.

Love is magic.

Angel + Kurt

If you’re ready to laugh and smile the whole way through a gallery, then this one is for you.

Angel, this beautiful and talented woman has been a dear friend since 19. She is ALWAYS laughing, always has a big beautiful smile and great energy. She and Kurt met at college in Michigan and moved to NY shortly after, I never was able to meet Kurt until the wedding day. One thing is for sure, this was a true match. Kurt smiles and laughs in equals measures with Angel. He also made their wedding cake, yeah.. talk about impressive!

They held their incredibly fun wedding in Angel’s parents backyard. I think I can speak for a lot of people who know the Assi’s, to say they are one incredible family. So many smiles, inappropriate and hilarious jokes combined with high energy..  I couldn’t help but laugh all day with them. 

This partly sunny day was the greatest mix on top of the surprise belly dancer, our trip to the beach for portraits and Angel and Kurt’s first dance/head bang as husband and wife. 

Kate + Brennan

Take me back to the warmth of June and the sounds of animals playing. Actually, the union of Kate + Brennan was THE hottest wedding of the entire year, topping out at 90 degrees that day.

Hot was kind of an understatement as we spent most of the morning getting ready indoors. We ventured out for about 20 minutes at a time, chugging all the water and trying to keep make up intact without smudging. Thank God for golf carts that day, walking wasn’t happening for long. Regardless the humidity, laugher spread like fire and the sun gave in for our afternoon ceremony.

Kate and Brennan have been dear friends of mine for a few years now. Kate is a girl after my own heart, knows what she wants and can become your best friend within minutes. Brennan has a precise type of personality and knows how to play... which makes them so perfect together. Since our last session together, this gorgeous couple has moved to Texas to further Brennan's career. Traveling home for their wedding was wildly anticipated and we had the absolute best day.

Playing in the gardens, the aquarium for cocktail hour, visiting the animals and dancing under the string lights. The Toldeo Zoo didn’t disappoint, not only were the group of people I shared the day with impeccable, this was one of the most memorable and fun weddings. 

Ashley + Braxton

A pure summer breeze swept through the trees on this most perfect day in Holly, Michigan. This was one of the most relaxed weddings of the season and completely filled with smiles. 

I met Ashley about a month and a half before her wedding in August. It was a last minute find when she was sent to me through our mutual friend and I could not have been more pleased. Ashley’s energy, this beautiful hippy carefree essence captivates you, and then you meet Braxton and it was like a piece of Ashley you didn’t know was missing and then found. Together they have Jude. This blonde haired, feral beautiful little boy. This family is so completely engulfed in each other and you cannot help but feel their love. My heart was so full just being around them.

Our day started out with the normal getting ready. Ashley’s dress was bought like a blank slate and she added her touch, her vision and it was like a dream. The gold with tear drop plugs and her barefoot jewelry was immensely perfect to her dress. 

Red Riding Hood Stables in Holly, Michigan hosted this gorgeous unity. Ashley and Braxton had their pups in the wedding party and Ashley’s mother embraced her arm as they walked down the aisle. The vintage couches for the ceremony,  the horses outside while they exchanged their vows in the late day sun, and dinosaurs with the sand ceremony. I felt like I was watching a film. Our agenda for the day was to enjoy it and gosh, we were. The big white tent and the handmade table favors, the pig roast and bbq was filling the air. 

I took Ashley and Braxton away into the next field for their portraits. This is the time I want my couples to let their moment fill their hearts and I let them enjoy each other. This couple plays and laughs and honestly are the truest of soulmates. 

We danced and had ice cream and cookies after dinner and played some more. The vibe of this wedding was unreal. 

Danielle + Natalie

Where to start.

The beginning of any good story, most times starts with a lesson.. but this story is about friends and love. 

I received a message from Danielle in late June about her wedding in August. She mentioned it was going to be at her home in Goodells. Have I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for back yard weddings? They are probably my absolute favorite, probably because I get to be outside all day. I can't help wanting to be around or in the woods. Summer and Fall come and go way too fast in Michigan and they are my favorite times of the year.. so it's just natural I want to feel every moment of them.

Danielle and I set up the consultation, in which I was invited to her home. I asked what her fiance's name was, I would need to know his name when meeting. " Her name is Natalie". " I forgot to mention, I am marrying a woman, I hope that is ok? " was Danielle's reply. First off, my heart did a back flip and pounded in my chest. This would be my first same sex wedding! Second, I felt like a total jerk because I had assumed her fiancé was a man.  We laughed it off, thank God Danielle and Natalie are incredibly laid back. I won't ever make that mistake again.

The next week we had the consultation, and the three of us ended up talking for hours, I wanted to know all about their love story. They met at a private Christian school and this February will be 6 years together. Danielle proposed to Natalie in the middle of winter at Boyne Resort on the balcony of their hotel with a Pandora charm, a ring in a box. She said she wanted to give Natalie the freedom to choose her own ring.  We talked so much that I ended up staying for dinner, made my Danielle's sister. I'm not even sure what the chicken dish was called but it's one of my new favorites. I felt like I had reconnected with two long lost best friends.

Wedding Day was nothing short of incredible. We watched the weather forecast which was calling for rain, like it had already for 90% of my weddings already this year. We were prepared, with the love of the universe, nothing was stopping this unity. Danielle and Natalie were surrounded by those that love them most. Every single friend and family member that was present was helping and all of the details were coming together. I found myself staring off into the tree scape behind the ceremony set up. Though the forecast was calling for rain, there was nothing but blue skies and a comfortable breeze.

A few last touches with make up and wedding dresses, because it was time to begin. I felt like part of the family, and ready to capture the magic. I can't explain the emotions I started to feel through the ceremony besides the many tears I was trying to hold in. Natalie's vows to Danielle were some of the most beautifully written words I have ever heard, and that is an understatement. They weren't just uniting into a family of two, but a family of three. Natalie's daughter Destiny was gaining another mother. 

The day was more than I could have imagined. We played in the woods and fields, ate the most delicious food by  Jessica Phillips of Creme Fraiche Catering. Her simple and beautiful almond pound cake with honey cream cheese frosting and layered peach and tripled berry preserves was the cake of the season. I was in love with everything happening around me. The organic feel was mesmerizing and the love was overwhelming. I couldn't have asked for a better couple to share this experience with.